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Individualized Tutoring

Reading / Writing

Perhaps the most important skills students can learn are the abilities to read critically and to write persuasively. At Summit Academy, we help our students build the skills required to read critically across any academic discipline while learning how to use effective strategies in their own writing. For younger students, we pay particularly close attention to the development of their vocabulary and grammar skills. In addition, we provide interim testing for our students to track their progress and ensure improvement in their academic ability.

(Pre Alg, Alg1, Geo, Alg2, Precal, Cal)

Many students require help with math at some point during their studies because each new concept is often a foundational concept for the next class. Missing even a few lessons or failing to understand a certain principle can quickly cause students to fall behind. While many students find math to be the hardest subject, it does not have to be so. Our qualified tutors can work wonders by helping with homework, providing additional math practice, reviewing concepts before tests, and preparing students for end of year exams.

Social Studies

Social studies and history are subjects often overlooked in school. However, skills required to succeed in these classes cross over to many other subjects and become increasingly important in higher education, which is why it is essential that students develop proficiency in these skills at a young age. Our qualified instructors tailor their lessons to help students build essential tools that go beyond just memorizing facts. Students learn to critically analyze information, develop their own arguments, and engage thoughtfully with social and historical issues.

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

The sciences are some of the most complex academic subjects. This is why we also offer instruction for our need help with classes such as biology, chemistry and physics. Many students struggle with these sciences because too much emphasis is put on memorization when, in reality, to succeed in these classes, students must be able to understand complicated concepts and relationships and successfully solve applied problems. By taking a holistic approach to learning the sciences, our tutors help students develop critical problem solving skills and bolster their confidence.

Homework Help

Students who struggle with poor homework grades usually either do not fully understand concepts that are covered in class or lack discipline in completing assignments. Homework usually covers topics that were introduced that day in class, reinforcing the in-class lesson, and intended to improve retention. Our instructors are ready to not only help students better understand and complete their homework, but also to develop life-long habits that will help students with their organization, discipline, and, ultimately, academic performance.

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