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The college admissions process is complex and, at times, difficult to navigate. Our college counselors can help your students understand the college admissions process, choose high school courses and extracurricular activities, and craft resumes and personal statement essays. Summit Academy will also help you understand all of the other nuances of the college application from letters of recommendation to financial aid.

The College & Academic Counseling we provide you and your child are Summit Academy’s strengths.
This is what we do!

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    Our Steps

    Data Collection

    We gather your students’ data, including transcripts, activity and test sheets, and questionnaires. This helps us gauge your student’s strengths and weaknesses.


    We meet with you to present how we can help your student and what services can be provided to you and your kid.

    Consulting Session

    Our advisory team members offer your student expert information on college counseling services and guide him/her step by step.


    We generate a comprehensive and thorough analysis report every quarter. This is also when we schedule a family meeting to review progress and preview coming activities and plans.

    Team | College Counselors

    Our counselors have received the nation’s best training in college admission advising at University of California, Berkeley, and boast extensive student advising experience.

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