Most of our country’s highly selective colleges and universities have holistic admissions.

But what exactly does this mean for an applicant? “Holistic” can be defined as an emphasis on the whole person as more than just a sum of their parts.

We personalize our counseling strategies to fit their individual needs, match their strengths, and conquer their weaknesses.

This approach gives your student the best opportunity to overcome challenges and unlock their potential.

Counseling Process

Data Collection

  • We gather student data including transcripts, activity and test sheets, and questionnaires. This helps us gauge your student’s strengths and weaknesses and shows us.


  • We meet with families to present goals, plans, to-do list, a roadmap, and services. Families can use the meeting to decide what type of service package they want to purchase.

Consulting Session

  • Our advisory team members offer students expert information on college counseling services.


  • We generate a comprehensive and thorough analysis report every semester. This is also when we schedule a family meeting to review progress and preview coming activities and plans.


College Counselors

Our counselors have received the nation’s best training in college admission advising at University of California, Berkeley and boast extensive student advising experience.