At Summit Academy, we believe that academic tutoring goes far beyond homework help. Whether it is early learning or multivariable calculus, our one-on-one tutoring ensures that your student masters academic materials, develops valuable study habits, and improves general organizational skills.

From elementary school to high school, we help your student unlock their potential for success and enter the next level of education with full confidence.

Subjects We Tutor

High School

High School classes can quickly become too intensive with the introduction of complicated science concepts or the math equations that accompany them.

It’s easy to fall behind in class if you aren’t grasping concepts quickly or completing the homework.

Whether you’re struggling to pass a tough class, getting an A but wanting to dive deeper, or somewhere in between, we are here to help.

We aim to inspire you and build confidence and study skills, improving grades along the way.


  • Algebra I/II
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus (AP)
  • Statistics


  • Reading
  • Writing


  • Biology
  • Chemistry (AP)
  • Physics (AP)

Social Studies

  • World History (AP)
  • US History (AP)